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ARTIST STATEMENT : As an artist, I have become fully entranced by the creation of three-dimensional forms.  The potter’s wheel, altering of thrown forms and the process of atmospheric firing are my tools.  I am attracted to this process because of the ability to use my hands to alter and guide the clay into an infinite number of forms.  This freedom and malleability is something that attracted me to clay in a way that other mediums do not.  The process is a therapeutic experience that allows me to leave a vulnerable imprint of myself on the work. 

Through my experience, I have gained control of the processes and materials.  This mastery gives me the opportunity to research surface applications.  My work is a study in how these applications can reflect my own personal experiences. The main concepts and themes in my work are always evolving and changing based on my recent practice. I represent these ideas through abstracted traditional forms. Traditional ceramicists and potters inspire me with their dedication and persistence to their craft.  This is something that I aspire to achieve in my own work.